Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Affirmation Feather Inspired by Tamara Laporte Life Book 2015

Life Book, Week 5. Extra Project: Affirmation Feather with Tamara Laporte.

I loved this extra lesson from Tam. She is just so a great teacher. Anything goes. No rules. Enjoy. My kind of directions :)

Dylusion spray inks over watercolor paper. Added spray of water and mushed around. Added torn papers to the left and bottom right. Brayered some gesso where the feather would be. Added feather with many different pens and colors. Thought it was missing something and added the orange stamp and some more words in the blue area.


  1. I loved this lesson too. I think I am going to try to make one into a canvas for my mom's birthday. Shall see how thAt goes :)

    1. I often wish for more hours in the day. I would love to redo most of the lessons because I learned so much and think I could do better if I tried again. Oh, well, maybe I'll just redo the whole year next year instead of taking it again. HAHA! Do be sure to let me see if you do one on canvas. Your mom would love it!