Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Feel the Moment - A Portrait

Week 17, Feel the Moment: Painting an expressive portrait with Jenny Wentworth. I'm starting to see a common look to my face paintings. I wonder if I am painting myself? I can change the hair and the eye color, but they still look like I put a wig on them and it's really the same person. It must be the way I see people. Eyes are more important than anything else as they reflect the soul, health, and happiness of a person. Words can lie, but eyes can't.

I used many layers of acrylics and, at the end, used some Cray-Pas, colored pencils, Pitt pens for details. Her hair was done with acrylics and a sea sponge then scribbled with a brown pastel pencil. The words are with a Fude Ball pen and roughed up with sandpaper.


  1. You are one talented person...all I can say is...Wow! I have enjoyed looking at everything!

    1. Thank you, Janet. I am so happy that you looked around at everything. Now you can see why my studio is stuffed to the brim LOL!