Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hamsa and Zentangle®

Life Book, Week 31, Traced Hand Hamsa Protection Symbol with Rachael Rice is probably my favorite lesson so far this year. I loved that it was short and to the point with just enough encouragement to get us going but allowing the creative juices to flow without getting drowned in them. Of course, as a Certified Zentangle Teacher, the design work was meaningful for me. I loved playing with watercolors, markers, pens, colored pencils and pastels for this one.


  1. Beautiful!! I've done a tangled Hamsa.. Keep the evil spirits away..

  2. How nice of you to pop over here to leave a comment, Yukari. I do have lots of visitors and comments each week over at my Zentangle blog, but this one, not so much. So, thank you :)