Sunday, July 20, 2014

Journal 52 is Fashion and Make your own Stencils, and a Gel Pen Notice

Journal 52, Week 29: Fashion. I have NEVER been into fashion. I love my jeans and t-shirts so much that I told my boys "If you ever see me in colored pull up pants, it's time to have me put in a home!" So yesterday, while I was browsing in Kohl's, what do I see? Pull up jeans!!!! Maybe today's younger people don't associate those with the elderly?

I made some of my own stencils using some transparency sheets and my new heat melting tool like you use for wood burning. I used the positive shape and taped her down to some tagboard. Then, I got out my spray box and randomly sprayed some Dylusions in yellow and orange. Rolled some paper towels over and then added a stencil of leaves and flowers that I picked up at Home Depot by the painting supplies for a whole lot less than stencils that are designed for artwork. 

I used a stamp for the shirt, colored the jeans, added some stenciled hearts with white acrylic. Blue color dots in acrylic. Words with Koi coloring brush pens and then just a bit of colored pencil embellishments.

The stencils were made by using a light box over magazine pictures and tracing on to the transparency.  Then the heat pencil was used to "cut" the stencil over a 12x12 tile that I use for any heat work. It really is fun and not difficult at all. Try playing with the tool before you do your real stencil so you can feel just how hard to push and pull; and, be careful not to burn yourself :)
This were the first pages that I used the stencils on.

Finally, if you live near a Costco and need some gel pens, I found this tub of 100 pens for only $20.00. You can go to Amazon and see them for almost double the cost. I did a sample on a simple owl so you could see the different blues as an example. Some skip a bit but not enough that I feel it is a problem. 100! WooHoo!

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