Friday, May 1, 2020


The lesson this week for Wanderlust, Everything Art, is presented by Nathalie Kalbach with an emphasis on patterns. Maybe got a bit carried away and drowned out the pattern, but I was on a roll!

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Hope is Never Lost

The lesson this week for Wanderlust, Everything Art, is presented by Mary Beth Shaw. Very inspiring. I started by creating some pages of my own to use. Then, I made a pile of these papers, printed doughnut tissue paper, and some magazine pieces (torn or circle cut). 
I used Distress crayons, stencils for texture paste, stamping in inks, touch ups around the edges with Artist's Pitt pens, and I did some messy journaling inside of the circles. 

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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Alice and Friends in a Tiny Book

Was inspired by Kate Crane to make some gelli prints and a tiny 3" book. I love anything "Alice" and finally was able to get some newly released stamps from Miss Ink Stamps and had a blast playing with all kinds of mixed media for this tiny book of Alice!
Closed Book
Open Book

I often wonder if anyone at all looks at this blog. I have another on for my cardmaking and coloring that a lot of people visit, but I don't thing anyone can ever see this since Facebook has deemed this site "not following community standards", whatever that means. So, if you're looking. Thank you. I really hope I'm not blogging for absolutely no one, LOL!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Create Joy

The lesson this week for Wanderlust, Everything Art, is presented by
Art by Marlene. The theme was the stepping stones to create joy. Well, we all could use some happy thoughts right now. I love Marlene's style, but try as I might, my style never looks anything like hers. But, it does look like mine!
This is the finished two page spread followed by some close-ups.

I used some Tim Holtz, Stampers Anonymous,  stamps in the background stamped on green tissue paper. The flowers are from a Stampendous stamp set, stamped on to some round Distress Oxide backgrounds I had sitting in a pile. I used acrylics, watercolors, sequin waste, Stabillo black pencil, gel pens, paint pens, and some glass beads with yellow metallic acrylic paint through a stencil. This was fun!

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Friday, March 6, 2020

The Joy of Scribble

Have been so looking forward to a lesson from Kate Crane. I love her joyful approach to art, and she did not disappoint! Her lesson this week for Wanderlust, Everything Art, encouraged us to enjoy the scribbles, and layer to our hearts content as we might have done as children.
What a mess, but a joyful mess for sure! Started with a practice sheet of fun scribbles to use in the final piece. Loads of acrylic paints, pens, pencils, Distress Crayons, ephemera and much more to complete this happy piece.

Then, a day later, I'm editing to add the two pages that happened from the first. The first was using the leftover deli paper as a base, then the second with the leftovers from that one plus items lying about my desk.

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Friday, February 28, 2020


Find Joy! Kasia and her husband, Jamie, both presented a lesson this week for Wanderlust, Everything Art, and encouraged us to just play and not worry about results. Just find joy in the process. Fun!

Gelli plate print.
Black Gesso through stencil.

Joy can not be forced. It comes unbidden in a burst of unexplained lightness of the heart, a surprise of a smile, a giddy lack of concern or fear. Not something that comes about easily or planned. Cherish the moments of joy!

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Friday, February 21, 2020

Field Notes in Pencils

Kelly Hoernig presented this week's lesson of Wanderlust, Everything Art. She gave some really great lessons in shading and using acrylic paints as washes. Sometimes, lessons are wonderful motivators to go in your own direction and my pencils were calling to me. I found my nature items from my back yarn. Placed them on Kraft with a bright light coming from my right, and took a photo. Then, I printed the photo out on Kraft using only grey tones of ink and washed out. Prismacolor pencils were used followed by a stump for blending just the shadows. 

The final piece was added to my journal with more texture and color.

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