Sunday, August 31, 2014

Another Good Day Gelli Printing, Inktense Watercoloring and More

I got a new stamp this weekend by Julie Nutting for Prima called Keira. I stamped her on cardstock and made a mask. First, I used the leftover cardstock that the image was used for and taped that down to my journal page. I put down a dot mask and sprayed with green. I removed that and taped, with easy remove double sided tape, the real mask. Then I added acrylic paints over a variety of stamps and left over cut outs from previous projects. A nice spray of yellow and orange on top of that. Then, I removed the mask and stamped the image down. I grabbed some Inktense blocks to color the girl and discovered that Inktense can be used like watercolors by using a waterbrush directly on the sticks! Did everybody but me know that???? Goodness she looked happy, and so was I, so "another good day"!

On to some Gelli printing. I LOVE the new small sized one. I can print on file cards and have perfect pieces to cut for my cardmaking, or layer them for a different background to an art journal page!

And, finally, some fun with molding paste and a stencil with something I learned from a Carolyn Dube video. It is a pay for video, very short, but with some fun techniques that I don't feel right sharing, but I just wanted to show my page, ready for more!
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Journal 52 - Week 35 - Making Time

Journal 52, Week 35 Prompt: Making Time. Time? Where does it go? Why isn't there enough? How do you make it. Oh, if only we could buy some extra :) I was thinking "Steampunk" but I didn't get enough darkness into it. I always worry that the words won't work if I go too dark.

I slathered down some lumpy gesso, added some molding paste, put acrylic on my clock stamps and stamped into the wet mess. Then I added the cutouts, extra stamping, letters, a bit of gel pen and some Stabillo black pencil with water.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Journal 52, Week 35, Alphabetical

Alphabetical, that was the word for week 35
on Journal 52. This one really had me stumped for a bit. A page full of letters just didn't move me. Then I thought, since alphabetical means listing from A to Z that would be a start. I couldn't fit all words from A to Z so I started think of earth moving quotes. Humm, none, so I made up my own. Please, for your own sanity, embrace "zany"!

No exciting new technique, just a lot of acrylic paint slopping and stenciling on an old page that I had never done anything with. I did use a UniPosca paint marker for the words and a Fabrico cool gray for the shadows.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Gratitude from Journal 52

Gratitude. That's the prompt for this week's Journal 52 page. What a broad word. Aren't we all grateful for so many things. I could make a list as long as yours, but I though more about it and realized that I am most grateful for the opportunity to enjoy each new day for the possibilities it holds.
Splattered Distress Inks in blue and red followed by spray acrylic in cream on top. Bottom is green spray Distress Ink with stamped design on top. Yellow acrylic paint for sun and rays. Pitt pen accents, Crayola glitter tube in yellow, and black Gelli Roll for writing.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Chocolate Chip Cookies Anyone? Journal 52, Week 32

Journal 52, Week 32 - Favorite Foods

Well, that would have to be chocolate chip cookies for me. Did anyone ever offer you A cookie? I mean, like ONE cookie? That's crazy. Give me the whole #%&$^ plate of 'um!!!! Betcha can't eat just one:
Delta Ceramcoat Acyrlic in turquoise over cardstock spread thickly with a credit card. Newspaper circles sprayed with red and green (to make brown, you think?) Collage words and cookies (can you believe that I picked chocolate chip cookies BEFORE I found this picture in a food magazine?). Mod Podge for gluing and for going over the whole thing. Then, I added Stabillo Aquarellable pencil for shadows (love these pencils you can draw and use water to move about), and Memento Rich Cocoa through TSC Designs stencil. Yummy, I say, and off to make a WHOLE batch for myself. Well, maybe I'll share a couple :)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Journal 52, Week 31 Friendship

I understand that Sunday is National Friendship Day, so the  Journal 52 prompt this week was "Friendship." What would we do without our friends? I feel so happy when I think of all the new friends that I have made over the Internet. I wish I could meet each one in person someday. I also know the joy of having one very good friend who has stood by my through thick and thin. Even when her life was in danger, she was there. This is for her for we truly are two pieces of the same puzzle!

I tore up old papers, and glued them on tagboard, did some spray ink, added some heavy white acrylic through the drywall tape, stamped on cardstock, pasted down and outlined with gray marker. Heart is embossed from a stamp. Cut out a Tim Holtz die with a thin piece of clear acrylic and stamped through with a dark blue on the top left.