Sunday, August 31, 2014

Another Good Day Gelli Printing, Inktense Watercoloring and More

I got a new stamp this weekend by Julie Nutting for Prima called Keira. I stamped her on cardstock and made a mask. First, I used the leftover cardstock that the image was used for and taped that down to my journal page. I put down a dot mask and sprayed with green. I removed that and taped, with easy remove double sided tape, the real mask. Then I added acrylic paints over a variety of stamps and left over cut outs from previous projects. A nice spray of yellow and orange on top of that. Then, I removed the mask and stamped the image down. I grabbed some Inktense blocks to color the girl and discovered that Inktense can be used like watercolors by using a waterbrush directly on the sticks! Did everybody but me know that???? Goodness she looked happy, and so was I, so "another good day"!

On to some Gelli printing. I LOVE the new small sized one. I can print on file cards and have perfect pieces to cut for my cardmaking, or layer them for a different background to an art journal page!

And, finally, some fun with molding paste and a stencil with something I learned from a Carolyn Dube video. It is a pay for video, very short, but with some fun techniques that I don't feel right sharing, but I just wanted to show my page, ready for more!
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  1. What a sweet little girl and happy, sunny colours. This is lovely, Jean. Blessing hugs, Teresa

  2. Thank you, Teresa. And, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. By the time I finished using all those happy colors, I couldn't help but feel happy myself!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Vicki. It truly was fun to work with all of those bright colors. And, I think the gelli printing is so much fun too!