Saturday, August 9, 2014

Chocolate Chip Cookies Anyone? Journal 52, Week 32

Journal 52, Week 32 - Favorite Foods

Well, that would have to be chocolate chip cookies for me. Did anyone ever offer you A cookie? I mean, like ONE cookie? That's crazy. Give me the whole #%&$^ plate of 'um!!!! Betcha can't eat just one:
Delta Ceramcoat Acyrlic in turquoise over cardstock spread thickly with a credit card. Newspaper circles sprayed with red and green (to make brown, you think?) Collage words and cookies (can you believe that I picked chocolate chip cookies BEFORE I found this picture in a food magazine?). Mod Podge for gluing and for going over the whole thing. Then, I added Stabillo Aquarellable pencil for shadows (love these pencils you can draw and use water to move about), and Memento Rich Cocoa through TSC Designs stencil. Yummy, I say, and off to make a WHOLE batch for myself. Well, maybe I'll share a couple :)

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