Saturday, September 6, 2014

Jormall 52 - Week 36 Texture

R U Ready to Face the World?
I just love being pushed to do things I hadn't thought of doing. I was watching a video with a collage background and so when I read this week's Journal 52 prompt of "Texture", I knew that's where I would start. I grabbed a piece of pre-painted, in acrylic pinks, tagboard and started layeringtorn piecesfrom magazine pictures and other repped papers. then I added some molding paste texture of cut out leaves. Next came out the gellatos that were used on the face, hair and clothes. Also added gellatos randomly over the rest of the page. Outlined the magazine "R" and added the rest of the words. Outlines and added details with Pitt pens (including white), added some Washi tape to the front of her top, added a button and a found feather.

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