Saturday, September 13, 2014

Journal 52, Week 37, Newspaper. You Falled Me Down and Class

For this week (37) Journal 52, the prompt was "Newspaper". I had this old paper in my stash from January 2013 and ripped it up. Then I hunted for important "News". My favorite is my horoscope which says "Reading your own thoughts may help you to understand yourself better. Try to express yourself in writing rather than speaking. Something important may click." Ya think?????
A little gesso, a little acrylic, a few stamps, and a red/black/white pen.

This page has special meaning to me. The words were spoken by my then three year old when his dad pushed the skateboard that our son was sitting on down the driveway eliciting the angry words from and unhurt, but emotionally injured, child.
Acrylics, stamps, silk leaves, colored pencil. Orange/black/green pens.
And, finally, gesso, Montana pens, collaged papers, stamps, bingo dauber. Class, I'd rather take it than have it!

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