Saturday, November 15, 2014

Journal 52, Week 46 Napkins ***Let It Snow***

Let It Snow. Do you remember snow days! They were the best ever! Remember sitting around the radio waiting to hear your school listed as closed! When it was, there was a huge whoop as we ran to get on all our snow clothes and go, where else, but up to the school yard to meet all our friends for some sledding. Some of us would sled down the big hills right into traffic. Fortunately, drivers expected it and none were ever hurt. (Except if our parents caught us, as this was strictly forbidden!) I, of course, never did this, but my brother did. I never told because he was older and I was always threatened with death! HAHA! Wonderful memories (except for the shoveling part), but I'm glad to live where we don't have any of that white stuff anymore. I am lucky that I can just drive a couple of hours and be right in it and then go back home and leave the shoveling to someone else!
Journal 52 Week 46
Blue acrylic mixed with Mod Podge for background. Molding paste through my new Pointed Star stencil from Jenni Bowling. Napkin below, Gel pens, embossing snow powder on bottom and embossing glitter black with letters. Snowman white is gesso and a few real buttons added for more texture. Finally, a quick spritz with Perfect Pearls.
Napkin Used

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