Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dance Until Your Feet Fall Off

Life Book, Week 4, Courage Dear Heart with Patti Ballard. Wow! What a fun lesson. I love this crazy lady even though I had a major catastrophe along the way. I used Collage Pauge to put down all kinds of papers ripped from my stash. Some of them were gelli prints I had made. Then, I covered everything with gesso. I drew my ballerina with a purple colored pencil and then used acrylic paints on her. Then, I used some bright yellow to make her glow and then went closer to her with a darker yellow. I played with all kinds of pens and markers too. I was ready to finish when I followed the plan, which was to use black paint splattered. Well, what was I thinking? I wound up with black paint all over her face and eyes. YUCK!!!! So, then I had to play more to rescue her from the evil paint. Next time, I will just use a black paint pen like I did with the white.
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  1. haha..well..paint splatters are dangerous that way...but you rescued her beautifully Jean..! she is gorgeous..!! {{xx}}

    1. Thanks, Minerva. I WILL be more careful in the future, IF I ever decide to splatter again LOL!