Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happiness Is Being Able to Put One Foot in Front of the Other

For The Documented Life this week, the prompt was "Going Undercover" where we continued to explore adding layers and covering up the "good stuff".
Here are the steps that brought me to this completed page.
Ephemera, gesso, acrylics topped with gel medium.
Paints through stencils and pressed with bubble wrap.
Covered the "good stuff" with white acrylic.
Here's where things went terribly wrong. NOT the good stuff LOL!
I used white acrylic and scraped over the ugly alien tree. I added some acrylics and a border. I added some purple acrylic to Stucco Paint effect and pushed through stencils. Used some stamps and a white gel pen. Added a shadow with an Aquarella pencil to complete the page shown above. (The running girl was done with black acrylic through a stencil that I made myself.)

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  1. Hi, I'm popping over from Facebook! It turns out we have a few people in common on G+! I love how you built up this page! I'm also doing DLP alongside LifeBook!

    1. Thanks, Zsuzsa. Isn't amazing how we make friends this way? I love all the communities I have become a part of through this journey. Welcome to my part of the world!