Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Paper Doll Loves of My Life

Week 6 of Life Book has a lesson from Jill Berry where we did paper dolls to honor the people in our lives that put us/kept us on our artistic journey. My four are, my hubby who always encourages me to buy more supplies, my mom who always got me a new box of crayons, my friend who always hits the "like" button on Facebook, and the last one is a combo of all my Internet friends who encourage me with all the wonderful comments that they leave on my three blogs. I kept this childlike and used napkins that represented these much loved people. Hubby is my hero, Mom loved flowers and polka dots, Amy brings sunshine into my life, and my Internet friends are from all over the world.
Doors closed
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  1. I don't know where you all got the napkin idea but I really love it a lot, brings so much color to your tribe! Your patriotic super hero is enviable, and I love that the last gal is all the people on FB. Great job, great story.

    1. HaHa, Jill, who remembers where we read about these things, but I do love using napkins in my work. I pick them up on clearance or at the dollar store. Just remember to use only the top layer and lay down onto gel medium. I really enjoyed this lesson. It was a lot of fun and made me really think about who really has been instrumental in my art life growth.