Saturday, January 9, 2016

Journal 52 Say YES or NO

Journal 52, week 2, prompt: What are you saying YES to in 2016, or NO.
I am saying yes to saying no. Humm, let's explain. I have always felt it necessary to say yes to anything that was asked of me. After all, I was a wife, mom, friend, employee. Everyone expected me to say yes. Now, I am finally old enough to know that it is okay to say NO. If I don't wanna do it, I don't have to! Period!! What a relief it is. If my doctor says, "Will you stop drinking coffee?" I can say NO, instead of saying yes and then feeling like an awful person if I had a sip of coffee. (Just an example: I can have all the coffee I want.) When my hubby asks if I would like chili for dinner, I can say NO. If I sign up for an online commitment of some kind, if asked, by myself, are you enjoying yourself?, do you want to keep doing this?, I can say NO!, and not feel guilty. That's the problem with yes. Often you just can't do everything for everyone. Just say NO!
The background is Gelatos. I added some joint compound that I pressed some stamps into and sprayed with Dylusion Inks. The letters are die cut and sprayed with Dylusion Inks. The woman is from Ghoulish Girls Paper Doll set from Dover that was colored with Polychromos colored pencils. A honeycomb stamp in white, a white paint pen, Stabillo pencil and a bit of Washi Tape and that's it. Should I add more? Yes. Will I? NO!!!

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