Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Life Book Week 9 Favorite Favorites with Lynn Whipple

Life Book Week 9, Favorite Favorites with Lynn Whipple.
Fun to think of all the things that are my favorites. Even though I can't have them anymore, Big Mac's. ice cream cones, and Snickers bars still made it into my favorites jar right next to my family and buying art supplies. Good thing we didn't have to put them in order of importance LOL!
Watercolor background, favorites in a variety of inks and pens, aqua acrylics, tag sprayed with Dylusions, white gel pen accents.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's Worth Repeating DLP 2015 Week 8

The Documented Life Project, Week 8, prompt is "It's Worth Repeating". Yes, and some things are. It does make for a more cohesive page. I really was inspired by Roben-Marie Smith's page and immediately pulled out some old acrylic painted gelli prints and my sewing machine. I added a bet of gesso down the center with a credit card, did some scribble word stamp with turquoise, then used my huge flower stamp from Stampin' Up inked with orange Memento in a repeat of three. I added some Pitt pens, a bit of journaling in one of the petals, some more stamping in black and turquoise, some white gel pen, white circles and the word LIVE. I really enjoyed working on this page.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

All That Glitters Could Be Gold - Life Book Week 8

Week 8 of Life Book is "Treasure Seeking" with Mati Rose McDonough. My first thought was, "I can't do that! I have no gold leaf", blah, blah, blah. Nonsense . Who needs the materials shown in a lesson? I never have so why should today be any different. I started with the idea from the second sample by Mati Rose. I brayered on some green acrylics and then used an old credit card to scrape on the purples. Then I grabbed some gold Stickles and a gold Pearl Pen and started to play. I then did a bit of spray with Heidi Swap Color Shine in gold. I added some stamps, a bit of white, a bit of black, some Black Soot Distress Inks around the edges, and it was done. And, I love it. Can anyone guess what I used to make the black circles with?
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happiness Is Being Able to Put One Foot in Front of the Other

For The Documented Life this week, the prompt was "Going Undercover" where we continued to explore adding layers and covering up the "good stuff".
Here are the steps that brought me to this completed page.
Ephemera, gesso, acrylics topped with gel medium.
Paints through stencils and pressed with bubble wrap.
Covered the "good stuff" with white acrylic.
Here's where things went terribly wrong. NOT the good stuff LOL!
I used white acrylic and scraped over the ugly alien tree. I added some acrylics and a border. I added some purple acrylic to Stucco Paint effect and pushed through stencils. Used some stamps and a white gel pen. Added a shadow with an Aquarella pencil to complete the page shown above. (The running girl was done with black acrylic through a stencil that I made myself.)

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Kittywampus Mushroom House

The second bonus for week six of Life Book comes to us from Violette Clark, Magical Mystery Tour.
I did an acrylic background with blues, lime, and purple. Added some clouds. Made myself a mushroom house to live in that was all  kittywampus with a nod to Alice. I don't like dragonflies, so a butterfly graces my mansion. I added some glossy accents to make the glasses reflect like my glasses do in photos. I loved doing this page.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Paper Doll Loves of My Life

Week 6 of Life Book has a lesson from Jill Berry where we did paper dolls to honor the people in our lives that put us/kept us on our artistic journey. My four are, my hubby who always encourages me to buy more supplies, my mom who always got me a new box of crayons, my friend who always hits the "like" button on Facebook, and the last one is a combo of all my Internet friends who encourage me with all the wonderful comments that they leave on my three blogs. I kept this childlike and used napkins that represented these much loved people. Hubby is my hero, Mom loved flowers and polka dots, Amy brings sunshine into my life, and my Internet friends are from all over the world.
Doors closed
Doors open

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Don't Stop Until You Get Enough

The Documented Life Project for this week had a challenge of "When Not To Stop" and a prompt of "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough!"  Mou, for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft, also posted a challenge to do an art journal page with your favorite beverage so I added that to the mix. Lots and lots of layers going on here. I started with a matte medium to add ephemera to the watercolor paper. Then I added orange and yellow acrylics with ca credit card, stenciled with blue Distress paints, added gesso with a pallet knife, scraped yellow acrylic and removed with a stencil and a baby wipe. Then, I added orange dots through a stencil with acrylics, dabbed some Antique Linen Distress paint. I did the cup on a separate sheet of water color using Faber-Castel Pitt artist pens and cut and applied with Collage Pauge.I added some stamping using my own hand carved spiral and heart and finished with bold words and scribbled thoughts.
Stencils and Paint over Ephemera
Gesso Added

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Seeds of Love, Life Book 2015 Week 5

Week 6, Seeds of Love with Tamara Laporte. What a fun lesson. I got to play with bright and happy colors again. No mistakes possible with Tam.Lots of Neocolor crayons, acrylics, and paint pens.

Ephemera with Colors
With Gesso

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Documented Life Project What Lies Beneath

The Documented Life Project for this week is to use the messy papers that you use to wipe off your brush, practice writing on, or catch overspray, with a prompt of "What Lies Beneath?" I often use my used deli wrap and paper towels to start a journal page or add some interest. It's a great way to get over the "blank page" dilemma.

So, what is an art journal without a story? I found some mop-up paper towels with pretty colors and some deli-wrap with long strips of dried paint. I sprayed my page (Yes, page. I'm finding that a two page spread is too much for my taste.) with some Dylusion and some acrylic sprays. then ripped and attached my under papers. I added some Sandswirl as a tangle. Shading with an Aquarellable by Stabilo, stamp is my own, white Sharpie paint pen, and black Molotow. It brought to mind a field trip that a colleague and I took some students on many years ago. We went to see some caverns. Beautiful "what lies beneath" the earth as well. I found the stalactites and stalagmites gorgeous and the experience filled me with awe. It was like being in a beautiful cathedral. And the writing? Well, This colleague was the science teacher and, when we stopped along the way, he purchased some chocolate covered bugs to share! NOT!!!
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